THE BLINDSPOT Feature Documentary on Movements for Change


Aristotle proclaimed in a treatise written in 350 BC that women have fewer teeth than men. For almost 2,000 years, it was accepted wisdom in the Western World. One day, someone had the most revolutionary of ideas: let’s count! A new paradigm - the scientific method was born. Society stopped blindly trusting authority and started putting assumptions to the test. (From F. Laloux: Reinventing Organizations)

After two centuries of phenomenal advances we as a society are struggling with dysfunctional patterns as our shared mega-crises unfold. Special interest politics or majority rule inherently lead to polarization and finger-pointing. No matter who we elect, the setup of the system renders creativity and sustainable solutions impossible. The irony is still many believe it is about the leader and not the structure.

THE BLINDSPOT is a feature 90-minute documentary. It explores the work of pioneers facilitating new forms of governance and organization to meet 21st century challenges. The documentary makes a case for groundbreaking social innovations that employ our co-intelligence to solve systemic problems and act wisely as an organization, a city, and nation. One day our grandchildren will look back and wonder over the paradigm shift that changed how we work together for their future.