THE BLINDSPOT Feature Documentary and Movement for Change


Fundraising Goals

We can't do this on our own - nor would we want to. THE BLINDSPOT is based on the principles of collaboration and collective intelligence. We are stronger, smarter, and more adaptable when every voice is heard, and every dollar carefully considered. We have spent the past year and half developing our vision, connecting with talent/advisors, and creating a viable plan for moving forward.

Our immediate goal is to raise $75,000 for the purpose of shooting interviews with key experts including Jeremy Rifkin and Peter Senge, as well as the first phase of  a citizen-driven change process. We will also be working with social media professionals to promote our crowd-funding campaign and collaborating with a collective intelligence facilitator to begin designing our post-screening interactive experience.

We want your contribution to serve YOU and enable you to be part of this growing movement. Please Contact Us for a specific breakdown of our long-term goals and financial needs.

You can make a donation here: